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Please read before going further

I am a Software Developer since year 2007 and working with DRUPAL from year 2009. I have developed more than 50 websites and web application world wide. Also Worked also as a DRUPAL instructor, trainer and consultant in various firm.

In my DRUPAL journey i have learned so many things and i feel that i have to write something important who are new to DRUPAL or want to be a good DRUPAL developer. So whether you are a new (or experience) DRUPAL developer (designer), you must have know some time saving modules.

You have found so many tutorials about this topic, i suggest read some of these and compare with me and give me a comment whether is this useful or not.

Time saving modules in my experience

You can not think yourself as a Drupal fan without these modules. I know different people have different opinions but i must say these below are most time saving modules. If you know other moduels, please mention it in comment sections.

  • admin menu A time-saver for site administrators, and useful for developers and site builders.
  • module filter Provides a tab for each package as well as a tab that will show every module alphabetically
  • menu clone This module allows you to clone entire menus, much like Node clone does with nodes.
  • menu import Helps to export and/or import menus. Using it you can easily transfer menus from one Drupal site to another
  • menu block It provides configurable blocks of menu trees starting with any level of any menu. And more!
  • duplicate role Duplicate/copy an existing role with the same permissions for Access Control and taxonomies, if exist taxonomy access control module, as the original ones.
  • Block Edit The Block edit module provides inline (on mouseover) editing capability for any block or node. (D7 has a built in functionality)
  • multiblock Create multiple Block Instances of already existing blocks.
  • Node clone Allows users to make a copy of an existing item of site content (a node) and then edit that copy
  • Node export This module allows users to export nodes and then import it into another Drupal installation, or on the same site. Node Export module depends on UUID Module.
  • add another Add another is designed to save time during repetitive content creation.
  • path auto for generating auto url. Since pathauto depends on token, so to enable pathauto you need token module also
  • backup_migrate Back up and restore your Drupal MySQL database, code, and files or migrate a site between environments.
  • Devel for generating dummy content (node/taxonomy)



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