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Drupal Provide us nice API function to print the query which is built using db_select() in a programmatical way

If you have not Devel Module installed

  1. $query = db_select('node', 'n');
  2. $query->join('users', 'u', 'n.uid = u.uid'); //JOIN node with users
  3. $query->groupBy('u.uid');//GROUP BY user ID
  4. $query->fields('n',array('title','created'))//SELECT the fields from node
  5. ->fields('u',array('name'))//SELECT the fields from user
  6. ->orderBy('created', 'DESC')//ORDER BY created
  7. ->range(0,2);//LIMIT to 2 records
  9. // Print Query as string
  10. print $query->__toString();
  12. // or
  13. // Second way
  14. // echo (string)$query;
  16. // print arguments in query
  17. echo '<pre>';print_r($query->arguments()); echo '</pre>';
  18. ?>

If you have Devel Module installed

You can use dpq() to display the query, and dpr() to display the result.

  1. $query = db_select('users','u');
  2. $query->fields('u');
  3. $query->condition('u.uid', 1042);
  4. $result = $query->execute()->fetchAll();
  6. dpq($query); // Display the query.
  7. dpr($result); // Display the query result.



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