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| Published Date: 15 Sep 2014 | Last Updated Date: 04 Sep 2017
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The Error

When i try to enter anything into autocomplete textbox, it gives me the following error (Fig:01)

Figure 01: Ajax HTTP Request Error

The solution: Update $base_url in settings.php file

Recently i am working on a Prject where masquerade Module is used to swith from one user to another. But when i try to enter username in textbox (Fig:02), it produce an error "An AJAX HTTP request terminated abnormally"

This first solution in my mind was : "Clear my cache". So error has gone. But after sometimes or next day i faced same problem again. Then i google it, go here and there and tried so many solution. But the following solution works for me.

The Best Solution

Double check your base_url in settings.php file.
If your .htaccess file redirects to the www.yourdomain.com version of your site and the $base_url is yourdomain.com (or vice versa), you may run into AJAX errors. I just found this same problem on my site and fixing the base_url worked. You just need to copy url from browser, , paster somewhere around $base_url and match. If you found anything different, adjust your $base_url variable. You are done.



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